Consider THERAPEUTIC Separation


Therapeutic separation is a physical separation for healing as individuals for the purposes of coming back together as a couple, not, “in anticipation of divorce” and can be instrumental in helping you decide if you if you want to salvage the relationship.

Because emotions are so high, and enmeshment is common in addicts, it’s healthy to take some space where you can be sad, cry, scream, and vent out all your emotions without concern about your partner.

It allows you to set healthy boundaries for yourself and reclaim “you” that we so often lose in relationships where addiction is present.

It’s healthy for him to go somewhere by himself, so he can begin his recovery work, and he can also begin to reclaim his authentic self, (who he is without his addiction.) If you can’t afford separate residences temporarily, you try an in-house separation.

A therapist guided, therapeutic separation includes an agreement by both parties, usually in written form, as to boundaries, goals, for healing and change. It can include what milestones must be reached, before starting to come back together in full relationship.

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