What does betrayal trauma feel like?

💙  KNOW YOU’RE A BETRAYAL TRAUMA SURVIVOR – Experts trained in the trauma caused by the infidelity and deception of sex addiction, understand that shock and surprise of the level of betrayal and deceit has traumatized us.

Spouses that are experiencing betrayal trauma report experiencing:

Source: Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How partners can cope and heal by Dr. Barbara Steffens and Marsha Means

You’re likely going to experience fear, unwanted thoughts and images, and obsessive thoughts and be “triggered” by places, images, songs, photos, and even your spouse.

You’re not crazy — you’re scared and need safety.

Speak to an APSATS trained Betrayal Trauma trained therapist or coach about empirically based trauma treatment modalities like EMDR, Brain-spotting. Somatic Experiencing, and more, to ease the triggers and symptoms. Treatment is very effective.

🔖 See our Module 3: Dealing with Triggers: Panic Attacks, Extreme Anxiety, Distress, Confusion 

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