It can be an emotional roller coaster

💙  KNOW IT CAN BE A ROLLER COASTER – The emotions brought about by significant partner betrayal are extreme. It’s the same trauma as if you were in a live battlefield, or a violent car accident, or witnessed or were the victim of a violent crime.

You are likely suffering triggers, physical flashbacks, and feel that your life — and self — as you knew it has been shattered.

Give yourself some grace, and patience, and don’t beat yourself up for the sadness, depression, anger, fear, physical effects, and the confusion of still feeling love for your partner. You could feel fine one minute and crash the next.

That’s common and over time, and with recovery efforts, you will feel different and go back and forth through different phases. You will not feel these emotions as strongly as you do now forever, as it sometimes feels. Recovery works, and you’re worth it, so work it.

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