Don’t Isolate

💙  DON’T ISOLATE – All trauma victims tend to isolate and withdraw. It's even worse for us, because “who understands this?” Sometimes going to well-meaning friends and family just causes more confusion and pain because they offer uninformed advice and don't know how to listen with empathy vs. trying to “fix it” it for you.

It’s recommended you connect with safe people, because healing happens in community. Our brains need to process through our wounds and recapture who we are in the context of our relationships. Build a support system of SAFE people. Find support groups that specialize in supporting betrayal trauma partner recovery. Get hope, resources and support from others who have recovered from the effects of their partner’s sex addiction.

We offer safe, betrayal trauma informed groups here at Recovered Peace.

If you're at the very beginning of discovery: Foundations of Betrayal Trauma Recovery
If you're ready to set rock solid boundaries that help your partner know what you need in order to feel safe in the relationship: Clarity and Peace with Boundaries

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