Full Therapeutic Disclosure Preparation: For the Betrayed Spouse

FOR THE BETRAYED PARTNERS: For assistance in preparing for Full Therapeutic Disclosure from the their sexually addicted partner.
THIS BOOK IS FOR PARTNERS WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED SEXUAL BETRAYAL. Have you discovered your partner's sexual secrets? Are you looking for a way to seek the extent of the betrayal you've experienced in a safe way? If you're looking for a guide to help you walk through the Full Disclosure process, we've designed this workbook series to help you. In this volume, you will learn what a Full Disclosure is and determine if it's right for you. Volume 2 will help you prepare for the Full Disclosure. Volume 3 will help you heal post-disclosure. Through examples, questions, and through the shared experiences of others, we've created a supportive way for you to navigate a complex, difficult process. Designed to be used with your partner's companion workbook, “Full Disclosure: How to Share the Truth After Sexual Betrayal,” this resource can help you heal after sexual betrayal.
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