Recovery IS POSSIBLE – for you, your partner and relationship

💙  RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE - You WILL feel joy again and recover from this.

You can make the decision today, that you will be among those of us who have not only recovered, but come out stronger, wiser and even more loving and connected than before this all started.

With the right guidance, from a betrayal trauma trained professional you can get to safety and stability. You can inventory your losses and grieve them. You can re-connect with your intuition and identify, your partner if they become safe and healthy, and the rest of the world.

Relationship recovery is possible with expert guidance, personal work and intentional recovery repair work. Your partner must stop all acting out behavior and stop any relational abuse like gaslighting or blame, deflection, etc. The best source for relationship recovery is Dr. Jake Porter and his Couple-Centered Recovery Ⓒ  model for  relationships impacted by sex addiction or repeat infidelity and betrayal trauma. He has a ongoing treatment in his offices and a full video webinar library that couples can watch together.  Make this your starting point when reading to embark on relationship recovery:

Full Access Library

Couple-Centered Recovery Overview

(If your partner wants to find recovery and earn his way back into your relationship, recovery from sex addiction is possible too.)

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