Avoid Major Life Changing Decisions

💙  “NO MAJOR LIFE-CHANGING DECISIONS” – this advice is often given because you’re probably in shock, and experiencing extreme emotions that are difficult to regulate, and so we’re advised not make any permanent major life-changing decisions quickly, like divorce or selling assets.

We may be in trauma “flight” mode and big changes may appear like they'll bring relief, but they also bring other losses and  instability.

Shock subsides, and emotions do change.

Many people who make life-changing decisions during such an emotional time may regret those changes later when the strength of those emotions subsides.

If you are in a dangerous situation, get the help of a qualified therapist to support and guide you into a more reasonable, safe situation.

However, if in order to feel safe, you need to begin to pursue divorce – then do what you need to do! You’re an adult and you assume all the risk and benefits of your decisions. Your safety comes first.

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