Research: Majority of Couples recommend Full Therapeutic Disclosure

Statistics about Formal or Full Therapeutic Disclosure:

“A more recent study specifically explored couples’ perceptions of their disclosure experience.

Based on anonymous surveys distributed to recovering sex addicts and partners or former partners of sex addicts, the present authors obtained information on the needs of such clients from therapy (Schneider, Corley, & Irons, 1998; Schneider, Irons, & Corley, 1999).

Most respondents emphasized that honesty was the foundation for an improved relationship. Based on their experience, the majority of both sexually compulsive persons (68.3) and partners (81.4%) recommended disclosure.

In this population, over half of the partners threatened to leave (60.2%) but less than one-quarter of those that threatened to leave actually left.
Threats to leave were seen as part of a process of coping with disclosure by partners rather than a realistic outcome for most couples.


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