Relationship Recovery

💙  COUPLE or RELATIONSHIP RECOVERY- Recovery of the relationship is also possible. Most couples find recovery in the Full Therapeutic Disclosure process, guided by a professional trained in sex addiction recovery, and in conjunction with your own betrayal trained therapist. If you are considering reconciliation with your sexually addicted partner in recovery, because you are confident he is not acting out, and is not abusing relationally (no gaslighting, blaming, avoiding, etc.) the best approach is the Couple–Centered Recovery® Model devised by Dr. Jake Porter.  This process includes, but goes beyond the Full Therapeutic Disclosure process for relationship repair and reintegration. 

“Addiction is many times a manifestation of, or at least co-exists with, an intimacy disorder. By placing the clients’ primary relationship at the center of the recovery process, we believe couples can experience healing faster and deeper. With an emotionally-focused, attachment-attentive process, the relationship that was the source of injury can become the very place of healing. Through rigorous honesty, addicts learn to respond differently to their internal shame and grow in their ability to give their partners the intimacy they desire and deserve.”

Dr. Porter has some excellent couple's recovery webinars available for single purchase, or via a monthly membership at:
Start here: Single purchase: Couple-Centered Recovery from Betrayal due to Sexual Addiction
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🔖 See our module where we describe the Full Therapeutic Disclosure process at a high level in Module 6: Coupleship Recovery: The Usual Milestones that Lead to Repair and Growth Together

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