Webinar: Betrayal Trauma in the Body with Bryn Merida

Betrayal trauma in the body with Bryn Merida

Bryn Merida, Licensed Massage Therapist, is passionate about helping women learn to reconnect with their inner wisdom through interoceptive awareness and trauma informed support groups. Listen as we talk about the importance of getting back into awareness of our body, and what it’s trying to tell us. If you find this information helpful, please consider…

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Love yourself. No, really, I mean LOVE your, ‘SELF’.

Love love love yourself

You are so precious and beautiful, and worthy, standing in your own sacred space. Similar to, “If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” Yes of course it does, and… If a woman like all of us, is deeply feeling, deeply caring, loving,…

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Your feelings have a PURPOSE. Don’t ignore them.

Your feelings are VALID. Your feelings are AUTHENTIC AND REAL. Your feelings are IMPORTANT and have VALUE. Your feelings have PURPOSE. Some of you are being told that your feelings aren’t correct. (Invalidation.) That you aren’t seeing things properly or your perceptions are wrong and so your feelings are invalid. (Gaslighting.) Or that your imagination is just creating this situation. (Also…

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Celebrating my betrayal trauma independence

Today I celebrate my own independence.  I’m happily married to my husband who is (finally) in a real recovery of 37 months. But this isn’t about him, it’s about ME. 😎 🎇 I’m celebrating my independence from sex addiction in my life. 🎇I’m celebrating my independence from fear and worry about his recovery or a…

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A sample losses or impact letter

Dearest ____, I am writing this impact letter in hopes that you will gain a better understanding of how your addiction and acting out behavior has wounded me. Your sex addiction and deceptive choices and behaviors have impacted me in the following ways: Physically I have felt violated and sickened that you risked my health…

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