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Welcome to Recovered Peace
A resource for recovering from the effects of your partner's serial infidelity or porn or sex addiction.
Living with a person who has a sex addiction, chronic porn use,
repeat deception, lies, cheating, and broken promises to stop, causes partners to experience very real heartbreak and trauma.
You deserve the best support you can find.
I can help you.

I have completed a training in the APSATS Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model. I am an Achology certified Life Coach and NLP practitioner. I’m a grateful follower of Christ. If you prefer a secular consultation, that’s fine too.

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I offer a free confidential call so we can get to know each other and see if there's a fit for us to work together. 

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What Recovering Partners Say:

I have found this resource to be EXTREMELY healing and a healthy place to learn, grow, find support and most importantly validation.
I'm not crazy. I didn't cause this. I CAN HEAL independently of my husband's choices. I have choices!



I have been suffering for so long and when I found this group I finally found people who got it. I feel that now I am on the road to recovery. Hearing everyone’s story gives me strength , I am not alone. The resources, books and feedback are essential to my healing. So grateful



This group has helped me a LOT! Book recommendations, the positivity, compassion for the addicted, and compassion for ourselves. It has enhanced my healing journey, Wysteria knows her stuff and is so caring and helpful!! Love you Wysteria! Blessings to you and your family. Keep preaching it!!!



Truly a blessing. I have learned so much. I'm truly grateful. My only negative is sometimes, even myself would like some validation instead of just advice. It wouldn't need to be always but maybe before the hard truth of what we may be doing wrong. Thank you for all of your help! 


Lexington, SC

Honestly, I was quite intimidated of you a year or so ago. I was new to the fb groups and I kept seeing all these posts and comments from this Wysteria lady. At times, your responses were in my opinion, harsh. Fourteen months later, I can honestly say it was my broken heart and bent frame of mind that made me intimidated.

There were times when I was pain seeking and looking for a pity party which you didn’t provide. I see now that often times you are trying to steer people out of unhealthy mindsets and sometimes, that takes some stern verbiage. I have learned more from you than anyone else in all the groups I have belonged to both online and in person. I have grown to admire your strength and courage and it has inspired me to dig deeper to find my strength. Thank you my lady! 


New York

Such exciting news that you have created this space for us affected by sex addiction. I respect your sharing of your recovery so much. I learn so much from you. Yours is the reply I want to read when someone posts their need for help. Thank you so much for being so open with your recovery. I look forward to learning more from you thru all that is being offered on your website. 



For me finding this group was a life changing / saving experience. Since the Dday I thank Higher Power of leading me to all beautiful, brave people I can learn, share, get help and wisdom from. It’s become my daily reading ’helper’. Safe reliable place to share darkest thoughts and happiest moments. Real blessing 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💛💛💛💛 



You have given me an outlook on this circumstance of hope and understanding. A different perspective of healing. For myself. For my relationship. For so many things. Often times when you are in the middle of chaos, it is hard to see things clearly. You have helped clear the mud and I am forever grateful for your wisdom that you share in the group. I wish I would have found this years ago



Recovered Peace Blog

Celebrating my betrayal trauma independance

Today I celebrate my own independence.  I’m happily married to my husband who is (finally) in a real recovery of 37 months. But this isn’t about him, it’s about ME. 😎 🎇 I’m celebrating my independence from sex addiction in my life. 🎇I’m celebrating my independence from fear and worry about his recovery or a…

The real person is behind the sex addict mask

When You Love a Sex Addict

The natural consequences of sex addiction reach far beyond the addict, and touches everyone that loves them. The deception and betrayal felt by spouses, family and friends reaches far, and are difficult to stomach. When you love someone with a sex addiction life can be chaotic and you experience betrayal trauma.  The good news is,…

The future is now. Stay out of worry about the future and betrayal trauma and relationship recovery

Avoiding Future Tripping: Stay out of worry in betrayal trauma relationship recovery

What is Future Tripping? One of the best tools in my betrayal trauma recovery toolkit was how to stay out of worrying about the future. To say I worried, would be an understatement. Rather, I obsessed. I panicked. I triggered over the future.  “What if movies” that played in my head about “what might happen”.…


Boundaries for Spouses of Sexually Addicted Men
Currently in development - get
notified when this groundbreaking digital course and live support program becomes available (early January 2022)

Just a few practical things you'll learn how to do:

  • Communicate boundaries with love and compassion
  • Deal with push-back (expect it!)
  • Plan in advance how you will enforce boundaries
  • Decide how long to enforce boundaries

Recovered Peace - Heartfelt Support for Partner Recovery

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Get one on one coaching and mentoring for your recovery from intimate partner betrayal trauma. I can help you clear the smoke and see the path to safety and peace that best fits your situation and aligns with your personal values. Let me help you avoid mistakes and get to authenticity in your relationships.  More about my coaching....


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