Trauma-informed betrayal trauma support

Are you feeling lost in the fog of betrayal trauma? You're not alone.

As a trauma-informed coach, I offer support and empowerment to women navigating this challenging journey.

Together, we'll find clarity amidst the chaos, rebuild trust in yourself, and emerge stronger. Take the first step towards reclaiming your life today.

My name is Steph. I am a betrayal trauma coach and a trauma informed group facilitator.

I am blessed to have had many opportunities for some incredible training:

- A Door of Hope Peer Facilitator
- ICF-certified Life Coach
- APSATS - I have completed the 4 day training in the Multi-Dimensional Partner Trauma Model
- Couple–Centered Recovery® Coaching training with Dr. Jake Porter.

I am passionate about and find fulfillment in walking with other women on their journey of recovery and healing.

My whole life, I’ve lived with addicted individuals; my home growing up was full of shame and secrets. I have been on my own journey of healing from betrayal trauma for 18 years and know what it’s like to feel stuck, helpless, and hopeless.

The first 15 years of my journey felt like a cross-country trip in a wagon, a period I call the dark ages. Now, by creating safety and stability, understanding my emotional capacity, focusing on self-care and compassion, and committing to experiencing my reality, I feel like a rocket taking off into my post-traumatic growth and power.

I couldn’t have done it alone. Every lightbulb moment, every boundary creation, and every commitment to work and heal was achieved in community with women who shared their journeys and helped me by validating my reality, encouraging me and brainstorming with me about how to keep moving forward.

Knowing I’m not alone and finding women who were thriving, not just surviving, gave me the courage to continue fighting for myself and my relationship. Their bravery in sharing their stories has empowered me to share my experience and growth.

I’m honored to help women break the chains of helplessness, dysfunction, and disempowerment.

Steph Farnsworth, Betrayal Trauma Trained Coach and Group Facilitator
Steph Farnsworth, Betrayal Trauma Trained Coach and Group Facilitator

Once you book with me, you'll receive a link to my calendar where you can choose a time that works best for you.

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