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This group is only available to those who have participated in, "Clarity and Peace with Boundaries."

Boundaries are one of the core skills we need to employ in betrayal trauma recovery, or any recovery from infidelity, gaslighting, emotional neglect or toxic communication.

 Boundaries give us back our personal power, and allow the "Safety and Stability" we need in the beginning and throughout the Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model. We also need that sense of safety and autonomy in order to take advantage of our healing efforts through all the stages of betrayal trauma recovery. If we don't feel safe, we tend not to retain, or see the fruits of our recovery efforts. We need to mourn, we need to reconnect. We need safety to do so. Boundaries gives us safety.

🔥 🔥 🔥 The key to enforcing and holding boundaries in the face of pushback, is having a strong recovery community to validate your reality, remind you of your rights, support you, and encourage you.🔥 🔥 🔥

We've learned a lot over this last few weeks and have seen some incredible transforming and empowering victories.

In order to keep up the momentum, please consider joining us in Momentum Recovery.

-We meet once a week for a minimum of 1 hour zoom video chats with sharing, education, or question and answer, and troubleshooting individual boundary work or enforcement.
- At least one focused topic covered each month
Two or more coaching meetings per month where each member will "check in" and voluntarily participate in a challenge question designed to get you thinking about your healing, growth and movement forward. The intent is to make each coaching meeting very personalized.
- Your
monthly price will never change as long as you stay subscribed. If you must leave and rejoin later, you can rejoin at whatever the current price is at that time.
- No long-term commitment, you can
cancel at any time.
- Currently meeting at 7:00pm ET Thursdays
 subject to change based on polling member preferences
- Private FaceBook group of Momentum Members Only focused on healing and growth from betrayal trauma, and other areas on our life. I'll drop in a minimum of once a day to provide education, tips, encourage discussion and answer questions.

You may sign up for a month, and cancel the membership at any time. All I ask is that you give 30 days notice, as refunds aren't possible.

Strength in Unity. We can do this together.

6 reviews for Recovery MOMENTUM BOUNDARIES Support Group 2024

  1. Joanne, Wells, Maine

    Pam—Your Kindness, support and education offered me not only a place to feel sane and safe when I felt so confused and alone— but also you gave me hope to improve. You did this by teaching me about boundaries, about what I deserved and reminded me I am my own person— and I get to do it in my own way and own time.
    Big giant thank you for you and the groups you facilitate.❤

  2. Amber, Ontario, Canada

    Boundaries are so essential for us all, even in the best of times and Pam is an amazing coach. Setting and more importantly, holding our boundaries, can be overwhelming and confusing. Pam breaks it down to it’s simplest form, with easy and relatable examples that can be applied to our own unique circumstances. She truly gets it and you will too!

  3. Kelly, Ontario, Canada

    Pam’s groups and her chats on boundaries have helped me in more ways than words can describe. They have been my only source of validation and support since my betrayal. No one else seems to get it. Thank you Pam. I look forward to working further with your groups.
    – Kelly, Ontario, Canada

  4. Michelle

    I’ve been in several “spouses of sex addict” groups over the years and this is the first one where I see real recovery happening, regardless of the choices the addicts make. It has helped me understand my boundaries in practical, experiential ways that apply to my everyday life with my spouse and in other relationships too. This active recovery is not just modeled and encouraged by Pam, but it’s also happening among the other women in the group who encourage each other. As far as online support groups go, this is the best I’ve found. Thank you Pam for creating a safe place full of authentic care, reliable support, and real empowerment in community.

  5. Cathy C.

    I love this group. After 30 years of a whole lot of recovery programs, counselors and a plethora of money I gave up looking. That is until I found Pam and Recovery Boundaries.. I now have others who understand, community support and solid answers for making and keeping boundaries. Pam loves what she does and has a real vocation to educate us. After all, she has lived with sexual addiction, done the work, gotten the education and has gone back into the burning building to bring us to a place of safety, if you will, by teaching us to face up and fight with effective weapons in our arsenal. She has dedicated her life to equip us to face this insidious addiction head on by strengthening us to survive and thrive , regardless of whether our loved one chooses recovery or not. And boundaries are great for friends and family too! INVALUABLE.

  6. Kathleen

    Finding this group has been a Godsend. I’ve had 8 years of discoveries and relapses from my husband which caused me great pain and trauma. I’ve done other support groups, seen csats, gone to counseling .. but this has by far been the best help that I have found. Pam has lived this trauma and really cares. She will share her story and what works and what hurts. I can not recommend her and this tribe of supportive woman who know this pain enough ! It’s a safe place with others who really understand and will tell you the truth. You will feel seen, heard, cared for, and valued. Do this for yourself – it is life changing. Thank you Pam from the bottom of my heart !

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Pam B.

I'm a spouse recovering from betrayal trauma, with more experience dealing with betrayal trauma than any individual should ever have (28+ years. I went on to complete training in the APSATS Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model. I'm a certified Life Coach and NLP practitioner, and completed the Door of Hope trauma informed peer facilitation training. Currently experiencing post-traumatic growth and trying to help others not make the same mistakes I did, and help others find recovery, healing, restoration, redemption and peace. Turning tragedies into triumphs is my main goal in life. Faithful follower of Jesus, wife to a husband in good recovery, and mom to her favorite college student.