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For Clarity and Peace with Boundaries  Graduates – Enrollment closes on October 31. 2022.

Boundaries are one of the core skills we need to employ in betrayal trauma recovery, or any recovery from infidelity, gaslighting, emotional neglect or toxic communication. As I worked with recovering spouses, I found that most of them weren't employing boundaries. And in fact, most of us had a great deal of anxiety at the thought.

But here's the truth: Boundaries give us power, and allow the “Safety and Stability” we need in the beginning and throughout the Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model. We also need that sense of safety and autonomy in order to take advantage of our healing efforts through all the stages of betrayal trauma recovery. If we don't feel safe, we tend not to retain, or see the fruits of our recovery efforts. We need to mourn, we need to reconnect. We need safety to do so. Boundaries gives us safety.

🔥 🔥 🔥 The key to enforcing and holding boundaries in the face of pushback, is having a strong recovery community to validate your reality, remind you of your rights, support you, and encourage you.🔥 🔥 🔥

We've learned a lot over this last 10 weeks and have seen some incredible transforming and empowering victories.

In order to keep up the momentum, please consider joining us in Momentum Recovery.

-We meet twice a week for 1 hour zoom video chats with education, or question and answer, and troubleshooting individual boundary work or enforcement.
– At least one focused topic covered each month
Two or more coaching meetings per month where each member will “check in” and voluntarily participate in a challenge question designed to get you thinking about your healing, growth and movement forward. The intent is to make each coaching meeting very personalized.
– Your
monthly price will never change as long as you stay subscribed. If you must leave and rejoin later, you can rejoin at whatever the current price is at that time.
– No long-term commitment, you can
cancel at any time.
– Currently meeting at 7:30pm Thursdays and Mondays 2pm ET
– subject to change based on polling member preferences

– Private FaceBook group focused on recovery. I'll drop in a minimum of once a day to provide education, tips, encourage discussion and answer questions.

You may sign up for a month, and cancel the membership at any time. All I ask is that you give 30 days notice, as refunds aren't possible.

Strength in Unity. We can do this together.


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Pam B.

I'm a spouse recovering from betrayal trauma, with more experience dealing with betrayal trauma than any individual should ever have (28+ years. I went on to complete training in the APSATS Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model. I'm a certified Life Coach and NLP practitioner, and completed the Door of Hope trauma informed peer facilitation training. Currently experiencing post-traumatic growth and trying to help others not make the same mistakes I did, and help others find recovery, healing, restoration, redemption and peace. Turning tragedies into triumphs is my main goal in life. Faithful follower of Jesus, wife to a husband in good recovery, and mom to her favorite college student.