Resources and support for recovery and reconciliation from partner Betrayal Trauma
due to your husband's sex or porn addiction

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Welcome to Recovered Peace
A resource for recovering from the effects of your partner's serial infidelity or porn or sex addiction.
Living with a person who has a sex addiction, chronic porn use,
repeat deception, lies, cheating, and broken promises to stop, causes partners to experience very real heartbreak and trauma.
You deserve the best support you can find.
I can help you.

I'm a spouse in recovery from betrayal trauma, and have committed to walking with women on this journey. I have completed a training in the APSATS Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model. I am a certified Life Coach and NLP practitioner. I’m a grateful follower of Christ. My groups are secular and all faiths are welcome.

(Enrollment is currently open - first module available immediately. Next Sessions begin Saturday, June 24,  2023
Foundations of Betrayal Trauma Recovery
Digital Education and Community Experience
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Betrayal Trauma from Sex Addiction Recovery Basics

CRITICAL information you NEED TO KNOW for your safety and potential recovery of your relationship
* Why Traditional Marriage Counseling is NOT THE ANSWER and can be DANGEROUS to you and your marriage...
* Where to start to take action for your empowerment and getting out of limbo....
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Boundaries for Wives of Sexually Addicted and Porn Addicted Men
-this groundbreaking digital course and live support program is now available

Enrollment is now open - act fact, this group fills quicklyRecovered Peace - Heartfelt Support for Partner Recovery

Just a few practical things you'll learn how to do:

  • Communicate boundaries with love and compassion
  • Deal with push-back (expect it!)
  • Plan in advance how you will enforce boundaries
  • Know how long to enforce boundaries

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PODCAST:  Listen now - Hope for WivesHope for Wives Podast Logo
The faith based and trauma informed podcast that dives into all things betrayal and comes up for air with hope for all wives struggling with their husband's hurtful behaviors due to their problematic sexual behaviors.
Headshots of Bonny Burns and Lychel Burket and Pam Blizzard the Hope for Wive Podcast hosts

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I use your encouragement to continue my training and education in recovery from betrayal trauma, sex addiction and relationship recovery.

Links to therapies, support groups, books, groups to bring you up to speed on the recovery journey.

What Recovering Partners Say:

I have found this resource to be EXTREMELY healing and a healthy place to learn, grow, find support and most importantly validation.
I'm not crazy. I didn't cause this. I CAN HEAL independently of my husband's choices. I have choices!



I have been suffering for so long and when I found this group I finally found people who got it. I feel that now I am on the road to recovery. Hearing everyone’s story gives me strength , I am not alone. The resources, books and feedback are essential to my healing. So grateful



This group has helped me a LOT! Book recommendations, the positivity, compassion for the addicted, and compassion for ourselves. It has enhanced my healing journey, Wysteria knows her stuff and is so caring and helpful!! Love you Wysteria! Blessings to you and your family. Keep preaching it!!!



Truly a blessing. I have learned so much. I'm truly grateful.  Thank you for all of your help! 


Lexington, SC

Honestly, I was quite intimidated of you a year or so ago. I was new to the fb groups and I kept seeing all these posts and comments from this Wysteria lady. At times, your responses were in my opinion, harsh. Fourteen months later, I can honestly say it was my broken heart and bent frame of mind that made me intimidated.

There were times when I was pain seeking and looking for a pity party which you didn’t provide. I see now that often times you are trying to steer people out of unhealthy mindsets and sometimes, that takes some stern verbiage. I have learned more from you than anyone else in all the groups I have belonged to both online and in person. I have grown to admire your strength and courage and it has inspired me to dig deeper to find my strength. Thank you my lady! 


New York

Such exciting news that you have created this space for us affected by sex addiction. I respect your sharing of your recovery so much. I learn so much from you. Yours is the reply I want to read when someone posts their need for help. Thank you so much for being so open with your recovery. I look forward to learning more from you thru all that is being offered on your website. 



For me finding this group was a life changing / saving experience. Since the Dday I thank Higher Power of leading me to all beautiful, brave people I can learn, share, get help and wisdom from. It’s become my daily reading ’helper’. Safe reliable place to share darkest thoughts and happiest moments. Real blessing 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💛💛💛💛 



You have given me an outlook on this circumstance of hope and understanding. A different perspective of healing. For myself. For my relationship. For so many things. Often times when you are in the middle of chaos, it is hard to see things clearly. You have helped clear the mud and I am forever grateful for your wisdom that you share in the group. I wish I would have found this years ago



Recovered Peace Blog

The future is now. Stay out of worry about the future and betrayal trauma and relationship recovery

Avoiding Future Tripping: Stay out of worry in betrayal trauma relationship recovery

What is Future Tripping? One of the best tools in my betrayal trauma recovery toolkit was how to stay out of worrying about the future. To say I worried, would be an understatement. Rather, I obsessed. I panicked. I triggered over the future.  “What if movies” that played in my head about “what might happen”.…


How Do I Know if My Sex Addict Spouse is Really in Recovery?

“How do I know if my sex addict husband or wife is really in recovery?” Why do we ask this? Because we’ve been deceived so many times, we can’t be sure of what’s truth and what’s deception coming from a sex addict. Our husbands’ or wives’ word has lost its worth. A person’s actions, is…


Enabling active/unrecovered behavior with a sexually addicted person

“Providing relationship comforts to an active sexually addicted person, even sober, but not in recovery is protecting their addiction and standing in the way of their recovery.” Also known as enabling. Enabling the sexually addicted person to feel like everything is ok, and normal, when it’s not. Enabling the sexually addicted person to continue on…


Recovered Peace Blog