Recovering Spouses of Sex Addicts is now Recovered Peace

When I first embarked on this journey of recovery from my husband's sex addiction, I knew that I wanted to help other women and men who were suffering from the betrayal trauma of their spouse's addiction. I had some ideas on how to do that on a local level, with my face to face meetings at S-Anon and by leading support groups at church. I knew that a website and social media could be used to reach some of the other 6 million people potentially struggling with betrayal trauma. When struggling for the name, my trauma was causing me to draw a blank. So I gave it the most concrete, identifiable name I could think of: Recovering Spouses of Sex Addicts.

Now, two and a half years later, instead of talking about “who we are” – recovering spouses of sex addicts, it's been laid on my heart to talk about what we can have: Recovered Peace. Because recovering spouses of sex addicts doesn't fully identify who we are. We are daughters, mothers, sons and fathers, sisters, brothers, leaders and people with ministries. Recovering spouses is a just a small sliver of who we are and were while working the deepest part of our recoveries. . Recovered Peace is the gift if our recovery. It's the solution we seek, and the gift we receive, for a lifetime.

Our private Facebook Group will still be found and known as “Recovering Spouses of Sex Addicts“.

So with that, in the interest of more accurately conveying what we encourage, teach and coach, the website and our Facebook PAGE will now be known as Recovered Peace.

Foundations of Healing with Boundaries support group. Master Boundaries, get support for boundaries to guard against gaslighting, blame, denial, minimization, manipulation and isolation.

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Pam B.

I'm a spouse recovering from betrayal trauma, with more experience dealing with betrayal trauma than any individual should ever have (28+ years. I went on to complete training in the APSATS Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model. I'm a certified Life Coach and NLP practitioner, and completed the Door of Hope trauma informed peer facilitation training. Currently experiencing post-traumatic growth and trying to help others not make the same mistakes I did, and help others find recovery, healing, restoration, redemption and peace. Turning tragedies into triumphs is my main goal in life. Faithful follower of Jesus, wife to a husband in good recovery, and mom to her favorite college student.

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