Webinar: Boundaries: 5 Reasons They Fail, 3 Things You Must Do for Success

I'm passionate about the power of boundaries. Boundaries will give you data about the health and potential of a healed relationship after betrayal, and will give you opportunities to find safe spaces where you can become bigger than your relationship problems, and begin to heal the wounds of betrayal trauma. Boundaries extend out past your intimate relationship, to all relationships. from close family, to therapists and pastors.

Watch this free webinar and learn the top 5 reasons why boundaries fail and the 3 things you must do for boundaries success.

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Pam B.

I'm a spouse recovering from betrayal trauma, with more experience dealing with betrayal trauma than any individual should ever have (28+ years. I went on to complete training in the APSATS Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model. I'm a certified Life Coach and NLP practitioner, and completed the Door of Hope trauma informed peer facilitation training. Currently experiencing post-traumatic growth and trying to help others not make the same mistakes I did, and help others find recovery, healing, restoration, redemption and peace. Turning tragedies into triumphs is my main goal in life. Faithful follower of Jesus, wife to a husband in good recovery, and mom to her favorite college student.

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