The Heart of the Matter – Full Presentation on Recovery from Sexual Addiction

The Heart of the Matter takes an honest, gracious look into the lives of real people impacted by porn and sexual addiction. It is educational, at times heart-wrenching, but above all inspiring; the entire film draws you in to a redemptive message. There is hope for healing and a whole new life. We highly recommend this film to anyone struggling with sexually addictive behaviors or those in relationship with a sexual addict.

– Jonathan Daugherty, Be Broken Ministries

The Heart of the Matter is a documentary that offers hope for those struggling with pornography. It also shares stories to help the spouses who have to deal with the hurt this addiction causes.

The film looks seriously at the inundation of pornography in the malls, on the computer, TV, and billboards. One man says he believes a pornography addiction is harder to break than a drug addiction.

One man says that he swore at church and mentioned he was addicted to pornography, and that swearing went over better.

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