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Do you need better boundaries? Ask yourself....

  • Are you feeling scared or powerless over your spouse's ability to be a safe person in your relationship?
  • Are you drained, feeling like you constantly give, give, give trust, intimacy, vulnerability and relationship, but aren't getting the same in return?
  • Are you frustrated, feeling like you're in, "limbo" waiting for your spouse to choose recovery or start showing the fruits of all the therapy and meetings?
  • Do you feel skeptical, because you've been advised to "enforce boundaries" but are afraid or unsure of what will happen if you do?
  • Do you feel some anger because you have boundaries in place, but feel angry because they're constantly violated, over and over without change?
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  • Do you feel confused about whether you have a right to have boundaries around certain behaviors?

~ If you answered, "yes" to any of the above, you can benefit from stronger boundaries! ~

You CAN learn to set stronger boundaries with your spouse in recovery, and end the frustration. Take back your power with personalized guidance from an experienced partner recovery coach who has read the books, and already made the mistakes. Learn how to avoid common traps and pitfalls and live your life according to YOUR values and needs.

The added benefit is you will be a PRO at setting boundaries in all areas of your life, with every person you interact with.

Boundaries for Recovery from Betrayal Trauma

Here's What You'll Learn

What are Boundaries

Boundaries Defined! What they are, and what they aren't.

Common myths about boundaries

Why spouses of sexually addicted people especially need rock solid boundaries and a community of support to enforce them.

Who are Boundaries For?

TLDR; Everyone. You. Your spouse. Your children. Your inlaws. Your neighbors. Your pastors. Your therapists. Your boss. Your clients. No one gets a hall pass from boundaries.

What boundaries I need?

We'll take some quick self assessments to learn where we can start to set simple boundaries. We'll learn about the different types of boundaries we can set, and how each type can benefit us.

How do I Enforce Boundaries

..without coming off as cold, mean or controlling. Because we wont' be. How to set and enforce boundaries with love and compassion.

How do I Communicate Boundaries?

We'll look at several "fill in the blank" scripts and rehearse them, to make it as easy as  muscle memory, so when you're stressed, angry or anxious, you don't have to even think very much to do it.

When is the Best Time to Set Boundaries

Learn how to set boundaries in advance, in the moment, or even long after the "boundary violation" happened.

Overcoming Blocks to enforcing boudaries.

Setting boundaries might be easy - actually enforcing them, not so much - unless you spend some time looking at what you're really concerned about, when it comes time to enforce.

Preparation to set and enforce boundaries

Ok, I get boundaries. But what can I do in advance, to feel confident that I'm ready to enforce them?

Personalized Troubleshooting

Let's get real, let's get specific, let's open up and tell our personal stories around boundaries. Get specific tips and guidance on proven techniques that bring you safety, serenity and personal joy. After all, that's what's it all about, right?

Am I alone in this? Who can I turn to?

Here's the added power - a private online community about #recoveryboundaries only of other spouses and partners who are learning the same new valuable skill of boundaries as you are, other people who * get it*.

They understand the goal, the challenges, the emotions and the importance of supporting each other through this. I'll be there daily, to offer guidance, troubleshooting, encouragement and tips, from a trauma-informed perspective. 


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