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I could not recommend anyone for anything more wholeheartedly than I recommend Pam for partner recovery coaching. She immediately made me feel completely at ease. Just one session with her was more helpful than the hours I spent with people with lots of letters after their name who just didn’t get it. Pam gets it. She has personal, real-world experience, and she also has a brilliant mind and knows the science behind it all. She constantly validates my feelings with compassion and empathy, and at the same time challenges me to do the work. Coaching with her is easily the best decision I have made for myself on this journey. 

Woman power! Strong confident women.

Virginia, US

Pam—Your Kindness, support and education offered me not only a place to feel sane and safe when I felt so confused and alone— but also you gave me hope to improve.

You did this by teaching me about boundaries, about what I deserved and reminded me I am my own person— and I get to do it in my own way and own time.

Big giant thank you for you and the groups you facilitate.❤


Maine, US