Clarity and Peace with BOUNDARIES: Transforming confusion and chaos into clarity and calm without guilt or isolation. 

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In future months, we'll offer some free webinars on boundaries and other topics for wives of sexually addicted men. I'll share tips you can use right away, and important things most therapists don't teach about boundaries.

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You've been told you need to set boundaries with your sexually addicted spouse, with the idea that boundaries are going to change your relationship for the better, yet,

  • You're not sure where to start
  • How to start
  • Don't have any ideas of what to say or what to do if boundaries are crossed
  • Feel confused or guilty about setting and enforcing boundaries with the people you love, and you don't want to lose them

My new course for boundaries with sexually addicted spouses addresses all of these things. In this course you will go from feeling stuck, confused and chaotic, to confident, calm and in control as you learn to set and enforce boundaries with your sexually addicted spouse. 

This 6-week foundational course and community experience is a roadmap for beginners who want safety, peace, clarity and confidence in their relationship, but just don't know how to do it.

We'll dive deep into strategy because knowing how to use boundaries can ripple out into all areas of your life. It can even teach your children and everyone around you, how to use boundaries to stay safe and sane.

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p.s take a look at the HIGH LEVEL outline of what you get with this experience — each of these modules will include lessons in short video chunks, audio, and text, and will include PDF worksheets you can fill out online or print and hand write.


AND — an 8-week private community for groups support for each lesson, with live Q & A's with me, and "Heart Seat" — a "hot seat" live coaching session to dive into specific scenarios for boundary work.

My goal is to help you regain your empowerment, and navigate betrayal trauma recovery with rock-solid boundaries that will help keep you safe, sane, authentic and encourage you to use your "Capital V" Voice for your feelings and needs. 

Module 1: Myths about boundaries, Knowing my Values, Facing Change and Mindset Decisions
Module 2: Master Boundary Concepts: Personal Self-Care Boundaries Boundaries with others
Module 3: Prepare to live a safe, sane, boundaried life
Module 4: Use your voice — Make Requests and Communicate your boundaries
Bonus Module:  Get Community Support while you change to Ultimate self-care — Enforce your boundaries

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