Self-Talk as Self-care

When a boundary is broken it’s natural to want to focus on that person, as a way of safety-seeking. But what’s even more empowering, is finding our safety within. When there is MORE US, (less the boundary breaker) we can make better decisions for our next steps. 

Self-talk is self-care, to push out the boundary breaker’s words and actions, and put the focus and power back where it belongs: with us. Our subconscious is listening, and it’s more important for US to hear ourselves say these truths, than for others to hear and accept it:

* Pick one or more
* Hand Write on a post-it or other paper
* Snap a photo of if it make it your phone home screen
* Tape it to your bathroom mirror
* Stick to your fridge with a magnet.
* Say it out loud

I am worthy
I am good enough
My body is strong

Safety is my birthright.
I am beautiful
I am grateful for what my body does for me
I am allowed to take up space
My arms are open to giving and receiving love
My head is held high & proud
I am grateful I have the ability to walk and talk
My mind is full of wonder
I am strong and capable
My eyes give me the gift to see nature
I am unique
I am learning
Mistakes are my stepping stone to success
I am perfectly imperfect
I am talented
I am confident and able
I am changing for the better
I love the person I am
I am a great friend
I will get through this
I have persevered before
I can do this
I believe in myself
I trust my abilities
I am kind to others
I have great ideas
I offer helpful advice
I deserve respect
I will be treated only with kindness
I can make my own choices and decisions
Everyone wants to feel connection
My feelings are normal
It is okay to feel this way
I am not alone
I am grateful for my opportunities
I work hard
I will achieve my goals
I approve of myself
I live in the present
I don’t give up
I am optimistic
I appreciate what I have
Add your own :

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