Cognitive Distortions: Changing the Story

Cognitive Distortions are common with any kind of anxiety, depression, and most certainly trauma. The physiological effects of trauma on the brain, prevents us (sometimes) from processing a situation logically.

Our brains don’t think clearly in anxiety and stress, and even worse with trauma.

In betrayal trauma, our brains lie to us. We feel it in our body and feel “crazy” when we examine our own thoughts — but where to start?

How do we sift through the thoughts of utter fear and despair, and get to what’s reality? We have to learn to recognize when our brain is lying to us.Use this worksheet and reference to help identify when and event, leads to thoughts, that product feelings, which direct our behaviors.

Here’s an example of my “Meeting Robin at the Coffee Station” stories that I shared in our meeting:

Download: Cognitive Distortion Story Changer

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