Founding Members Pre-Launch – Taming Triggers: From Chaos to Calm

Thank you for linking arms with me as a Founding Member of “Taming Triggers: From Chaos to Calm”

By joining now, you’re getting in on the ground floor of this landmark program. Your feedback will help create a robust collection of video, audio, text, journal and worksheet content that will help tame betrayal triggers,  and empower the participant to feel prepared and ready to handle people, places, media or even automatic unwanted thoughts that surprise us. There will also be a community piece in a private Facebook group.

You’re getting in at the lowest price. In the future, as the program matures, the price will go up. The first price increase will be at least twice the Founders pricing.

You’ll have lifetime access to updates as long as the program is live.

I hope you’re as encouraged as I am about the creation of this new program, that seeks to deliver on this core promise:

Go from feeling frazzled and unprepared, to feeling confident and ready, while experiencing authenticity and empowerment.