Facing HeartBreak Study Group 2023

$260.00 / month for 3 months


Betrayal Trauma Education and Support GROUP

👉 Who this group is for: This group is best suited to women who have not yet embarked on a structured betrayal trauma recovery program; who may not have a specialized betrayal trauma therapist or coach; who are ‘stuck’ in their recovery from betrayal.

👉 By the end of this group you’ll:
– Feel heard and validated for your emotions and feel your reactions are perfectly normal.
– Understand betrayal trauma, and major recovery goals, phases, milestones and tasks
– Be in charge of your relationship safety and stability
– Be in charge of your triggers and have a plan to work through them and decrease them
– Have a vision of “life after recovery”
– Blast away myths about sex addiction, and understand the trauma connection

– Learn the basics of setting and enforcing boundaries 
– Identify deception and relationship disempowerment and what you’ve lost
– Handle your very valid anger responsibly
– Reclaim your rights and empowerment
-What forgiveness isn’t (it’s not reconciliation)
– Blast away any feelings of shame, self blame
– Reclaim and redefine your personal sexuality
– Be a member of a sisterhood and tribe of other women turning tragedy into personal triumph. A place of healing and growth where you belong

👉Participant Limit: 6 female only members

👉Book: Facing Heartbreak: Steps to Recovery of Partners of Sex Addicts

👉Dates and Times: Tuesdays, starting November 14, 5pm MT/ 6 pm  CT/ 7pm ET

👉Venue:  Weekly Zoom*  Video Share (and private Facebook Group)

The sharing is VERY valuable! This is where we really synthesize and commit these changes neurologically. We see that healing is possible by learning from one another, and hearing perspectives that validate where we are, and show us other, positive viewpoints that we can assimilate. 

👉Video Meetings:  Format: Each week we’ll all get an assignment to read between 10-30 pages and do the exercises.  We share our questions, comments, experiences, struggles, victories and feelings in a private video meeting group that is limited to members only. (We can also share in between live meetings in the private Facebook group. No one outside the 6 people who are in the current group will have access to this group, or be able to see it, or your membership in the group.)

All participants will be expected to agree to confidentiality and safety, and a commitment to do the work, and be held accountable by other members of the group.

👉 Cost:  $260 per month  paid in 3 monthly payments.  This does not include the price of the book which can be purchased at Amazon

*The minimum number of participants will be 6 people. 

* Zoom is a small install on your computer, tablet or smartphone that can be accessed by clicking on the link you’ll receive in your email.

** Cancellation Policy : No refunds after 7 days of enrollment,  less a $15.00 cancellation fee. 

$260.00 / month for 3 months