Lesson 6: Permission Slip – Forgiveness is a choice

Forgiveness is a choice that I can make. 


I know that I have the power to achieve whatever outcome I want. Once I commit to something, it is easy to accomplish. Committing to forgiving others makes it a natural response whenever someone offends or hurts me.


Controlling the actions of others is beyond my capacity, but I am able to choose my response.


I take a deep breath in the midst of an upsetting situation and think about my options. I choose to make my responses constructive and positive.


Whenever someone has a negative reaction towards me, I avoid thinking that I am at fault. I am kind to myself, which makes it easier to be kind and forgiving to others. How I treat myself dictates my response to those around me.


Forgiveness allows me to have a clear conscience and a life of little stress. Holding onto grudges is counterproductive because it eats away at my soul.


My family members and I have occasional disagreements, but I always remember to treat them with love. Having love at the center of my words and actions makes forgiveness a natural response to our differences.


Today, forgiving others is work in progress, but it is doable because I am committed to it. I believe that whatever I set my mind to is achievable.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. What are some offences that I find it difficult to forgive others for?
  2. How can I make it easier for me to forgive others?
  3. What impact does forgiveness have on my mood?

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