Lesson 3: Permission Slip – I can control my thoughts

I can control my thoughts.


I take direct action to manage my thoughts. An important part of controlling my mind is the ability to stop unwanted thoughts. When I experience the same idea repetitively, I make a conscious decision to limit how long I will think about that topic. This way, I prevent my thoughts from tiring me emotionally.


Although any challenging event can trigger me to have recurring or troublesome thoughts, I usually manage my mind well. Calmly, I reflect on whatever the situation is that I am experiencing. My deliberations are focused.


I resolve any conflicts that come my way through effective management of my thinking. I take control of my thoughts to minimize my experiences of uncomfortable feelings. Then, I move on with my life and all its routines.


Each day, I tell myself that I can be successful at keeping my thoughts under control. I have been victorious in the past with managing my mind and I see triumph in the future as well.


Controlling my thinking brings positive energy into my life. I discover the rewards of peacefulness and serenity through managing my mind. My path is free of any constraints when I choose my own thoughts.


Today, I am content with life because I know I can control my thinking. I plan to re-affirm my goal to successfully manage my thoughts.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. Do I have thoughts that I struggle to manage?
  2. What are the specific types of thoughts I experience that are challenging to control?
  3. How can I ensure that I triumph in my quest to control my thoughts?

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