Lesson 3: Permission Slip – I am in control of my emotions and thoughts

I am in full control of my emotions and thoughts.


I have the ability to direct my thoughts in any situation.


I choose to have thoughts that serve me. Negative thoughts create emotions and beliefs that are contrary to my purpose. I am always focused on my purpose. In every situation, I can choose to have a thought that serves me or impedes me. I choose to have thoughts that serve me.


By controlling my thoughts, I can control my reality. Directing my thoughts is easy for me.


In difficult times, I am focused on solutions. Only by thinking about solutions am I likely to find an acceptable one.


In pleasant times, I am focused on the experience. Allowing my mind to wander limits the amount of enjoyment I can experience. I am fully in the moment during pleasant times.


Negative emotions are signs that something needs to be corrected. When I experience a negative emotion, I immediately focus on finding an alternative to that emotion. This is the only time a negative emotion serves a useful purpose.


It can be challenging to control my thoughts and emotions. When my thoughts stray, I gently bring them back to the present. Life can only be lived and experienced in the moment.


Today, I keep my thoughts focused on the present. I limit my mind’s tendency to dwell on the past and wonder about the future. I am in full control of my emotions and thoughts.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. When do I find it most challenging to control my thoughts?
  2. When is it easiest to control my thoughts?
  3. How would my life change if I had greater control over my thoughts and emotions?

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