Lesson 1: Permission Slip – I am allowed to cry

I am allowed to cry.


I know that crying can be good for me. I give myself permission to let my tears fall.


Crying relieves my stress. My tears help to wash toxins and stress hormones out of my body. I feel cleansed and refreshed.


Crying shows me where I want to make changes in my life. I look for the reasons behind my anger and sadness. I work at becoming more assertive or dealing with rejection. I find more constructive ways to handle situations that disturb me.


Crying gives me an opportunity to see that I have others who care about me. My relationships grow stronger when I allow myself to be vulnerable and accept assistance from others.


Crying reminds me to treat myself gently. My life is precious and my wellbeing is important. I accomplish more when I respect my limits and pay attention to my needs.


Once I find an appropriate time and place, I cry for as long as I need to. Then, I pick myself up and work on finding solutions. Instead of wallowing in my sorrows, I turn my tears into a healing force.


Today, I allow myself to have a good cry if I feel like it. I regard my tears as my friends. When I accept my feelings, I can put them in perspective and move on.

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